Oh Sugar I Missed Your Birthday Belated Birthday Card by Gert and Co

The Story Behind my "Oh Sugar" Belated Birthday Card

I've decided to start a blog post series that gives insight into why I designed certain products or how I got the idea for a particular design. I thought it'd be a fun way to share insight into my design process! And I'm kicking off the series with my "Oh sugar, I missed your birthday!" greeting card.

Every morning on my drive to daycare drop-off, I listen to The Blake Show on Coast 93.1. One morning, Blake and Kelly were talking about words that you can use to replace swear words around kids (as someone with the mouth of a sailor, I know I'm going to have to start switching up my language as Weston gets older) and a listener called in to say they started saying "Oh, Sugar" once they had kids of their own.

Later in the day I realized I missed a friend's birthday and I also realized I didn't have any belated birthday cards in my assortment that I could send to them. I started thinking of ideas and suddenly the "Oh, Sugar" phrase popped in my head and I came up with the design from there.

You never know where design inspiration will come from, so thanks Blake and Kelly!

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