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Hey! I'm Jill, the owner & designer of Gert & Co.

Gert & Co was born from my love of bright, fun home decor and the desire to create a unique print for my home. I was searching for a print with the saying, "It Takes All Kinds" and couldn't find what I was looking for. So...I decided to make my own and that's how Gert & Co began!

Gert & Co is a fun, playful brand representing my personal approach to decorating my home and life. By adding pops of color and uplifting design throughout my home, it makes everyday feel like a reason to celebrate!

I'm inspired by champagne happy hours, celebrating the little things, my home state of Maine, and sunny days. I'm an avid traveler, never take myself too seriously, and I'm a lover of all things COLOR.

Gert & Co celebrates life through bold, bright patterns. I uniquely blend various paint mediums with graphic design to create my whimsical motifs & bring a pop of fun to the world.

FUN FACT: The name Gert & Co incorporates pieces of both my Grandmother (Mimi) and Mother who fostered my love for color & creating ever since I was a little girl. It also playfully nods to my love for my mini-goldendoodle, Gertrude.



Owner & Designer

I love to travel and have a slight obsession with colorful home decor & stationery. Gert & Co is my way of sharing this love with the world ❤️
Richard Bauer


Master Napper

Gertrude spends most of her time napping and waiting to be taken on walks. Not the most productive employee, but definitely the cutest!