Common Wedding Stationery Sizes

Common Wedding Stationery Sizes

There are lots of options for wedding stationery (there are some very creative invitation suites out there), but there are also standard sizes that you'll see most often. Below are the common stationery sizes, plus the envelope sizes they fit into.

Note: These are US sizes, so they won't apply if you're visiting us from somewhere else in the world!

A7 = 5"x7"

This is the standard invitation size and fits in A7 envelopes. A7 envelopes are 5.25" x 7.25".

A2 = 4.25"x5.5"

This size is often used for details cards because it fits within an A7 envelope with your A7 inviation. 

4Bar = 3.5"x4.875"

A 4Bar card is typically used for RSVP cards and fits in a 4Bar envelope. 4Bar envelopes are 3.625" x 5.125". A 4Bar size can also be referred to as A1.

But why these sizes!?

The reason these three sizes are so commonly used for Wedding Stationery is because they all fit nicely into an A7 envelope (ta-da!) and can be found almost anywhere envelopes are sold. No custom sizing means more affordable price points and less postage surprises at the post office!

Ok, so what are the common pieces of a wedding invitation suite?

Glad you asked! I wrote a blog post all about common pieces of a wedding suite here.

As always if you have ANY questions, just let me know. Happy to help!

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